Portfolio Builder

If you want to benefit from owning residential property as part of your wealth creation plan then Quarters of Leeds can help you the best opportunities available that meet your criteria.

After an initial consultation where we consider your available resources and property goals we devise a plan to greatly increase the probability of success. Many of our clients start off buying a lower value single let properties to prove to themselves that property investing works before moving in to larger and more complicated deals such as HMO properties, title splitting, flipping and developing. Many clients have invested in multiple properties and build themselves significant assets. Quarters of Leeds takes care of all the details making property investing not much harder than signing your name on a few contracts. 


Typical deals

HMO - Armley, Leeds

Purchase: £125,000
Renovation: £10,000
Purchase costs: £15,000
Rent: £2200 per month for a 5 bedroom house and 1 bedroom flat


Ex-local authority family home – Whinmoor, Leeds

Purchase: £78K
Renovation: £15,000
Purchase costs: £7,000
Rent: £650pcm

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